Monday, October 3, 2011


Now that I've presented incriminating evidence in class today, why not put it in writing? You know, so there's actual proof out there that I will never be able to run for office. Jumping off from Mary Roach's Bonk, the conception for this machine came just as described in the book, "The typical scenario, Archibald says, is a married guy who likes building things. He comes across someone else's machine, is fascinated, decides to build one himself. He presents it to his wife, who goes, 'Wha?' and then he sells it on eBay" (55). While ours hasn't seen the likes of an internet auction, it hasn't stopped my partner from fantasizing that one day he may just mass-produce and sell these (along with his fantasy of becoming a Jedi warrior... not sure which one takes precedence). Although it's nothing like "dating a corn dog" (55), it does lack "warmth... personality, arms and legs, a head, a soul" (57). I wonder if the folks over at KitchenAid would be appalled if they knew what their bread makers are really being used for!

Picture and video of our F-Machine and how it works (minus attachments), courtesy of the huzzzband.

Don't you love that our baby bassinet is in the background? :-/

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