Friday, November 18, 2011

Todo Sobre Mi Madre

After reading The Passion of New Eve, and reflecting on it for a little while, I realized it reminded me of Todo Sobre Mi Madre. The film proposed new family and social roles that seemed appropriate for the changing “transnational” Spain. It re-arranged gender and family roles, identity, and sexuality. The film also stressed the power of connections instead of separations. For example, the railroad connects everything and it looks like veins going from the heart to the brain and to every organ and every member. The film is about the reconstruction and restoration as well as the search for stability. No doubt this makes perfect sense because during this time Spain was going through a transition. Spain was being re-born just like the opening scene and the introduction of Barcelona represents the “birth canal.”

I really like the scene when Agrado ( a transsexual prostitute) is saying she is authentic. “Look at my body, all custom made. Eyes 80 thousand, nose 2 hundred, tits, lips, forehead, hips, ass, laser hair removal...” Now the recognition of her identity is based on acceptance and the authenticity centered around the reinvention of herself as well as promoting being who you dream to be.

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